10 Little-Known Benefits of Exercising during Pregnancy

November 7, 2013 | Exercise & Nutrition

Exercise can be the last thing on your mind during pregnancy. Your ankles swell, you want to cry… then laugh… then cry. And let’s face it, you just don’t feel like yourself.  But these are exactly the reasons you should get moving during this special time in your life – to look and feel healthier and more in control of your emotions and your rapidly-changing body.

Keep in mind that unless you were a super-fit fitness minded individual before you got pregnant that moderate exercise will do! Most physicians recommend 20-30 minutes of brisk walking 4-5 times per week and some yoga or stretching for flexibility. High intensity workouts can sometimes reduce blood flow to the fetus so make sure you stop when you’re fatigued and never exercise to the point of not being able to talk. Water aerobics can also help reduce swelling and can be a great workout as well.*

  1. Your immune system will get a boost. You will sweat out those toxins and hopefully stay away from colds and flus.
  2. Back pain may disappear! Exercise and stretching can work those lower back muscles and make them stronger and less achy.
  3. Your moods will improve. Most women who exercise during pregnancy report less moodiness.
  4. Your bowels will thank you… You’ll be less likely to get or stay constipated.
  5. Say good bye to the sheep. Counting them will be a thing of the past because you’ll probably have better sleeps and won’t need their company.
  6. Exercise will help keep swelling at bay by promoting better circulation.
  7. Studies show that babies that experience cardiovascular activity while in the womb can be more intelligent AND more likely to take on physical activity of their own.
  8. You will feel more in control of your body during a time when your body is going through some pretty massive changes.
  9. Your risk of getting gestational diabetes will be lower.
  10. You’ll bounce back even faster after baby arrives.

So get that belly out there and get moving!

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*Before starting any exercise routine please consult your physician. No exercise regimen should be started during your pregnancy, or maintained during pregnancy without consulting a doctor first.

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