How to know if you are pregnant

Maybe you are late for your period. Or maybe you are experiencing unusual symptoms that make you think pregnancy could be the cause. Even if you used contraception (like a condom or the pill) you might be wondering if it is possible you are pregnant. There are several ways you can get an answer to the question “Am I pregnant?”

1. Take a home pregnancy test

At home pregnancy tests have been on the market for several decades and tend to be quite accurate. If you go this route, make sure your test is not expired and that you carefully follow the instructions. This is a urine test that will identify the pregnancy hormone, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). If you took this test before your missed period, a negative result may not be accurate. The hCG concentration increases each day during early pregnancy, so it may be ideal to test yourself about a week after missing your period.

2. Take a free test at a pregnancy centre

Going into a pregnancy centre for your urine test should take away some of the stress of human error. You’ll have the assurance of knowing that the people there are knowledgeable and extremely familiar with the process of urine tests. This is also an opportunity to gather additional information and talk about what to do next in a safe, confidential space.

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3. Confirm you pregnancy

No matter whether your positive pregnancy result came from a home pregnancy test or a test at a pregnancy centre, you still need to have your pregnancy confirmed by your physician. Don’t have a physician? Pregnancy centres can help you navigate that.

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