5 Adorable and Unique Ways to Announce You're Pregnant

June 28, 2019 | Pregnancy

Are you expecting?

Here are 5 fun, cute and wonderful ways to announce that you are expecting.

1. Letterboard

Frank and Bunny Love´╗┐

A customized letterboard with a calendar that shows baby’s due date and ultrasound is a beautifully personalized and simple option.

2. Baby Balloons

Aspyn Ovard´╗┐

These cute and easy ‘baby’ balloons let the world know you’re going to be a mama.

3. Dad Ballcap

The Miller Affect

You know that customized hat store that you’ve walked by in the mall 100 times? Well, here’s your chance to use it!

4. Newborn Onesie

Catherine Leanne Photography

5. Pregasaurus T-Shirt

Be Unique Ltd

Is Jurassic Park your favourite movie? Let your friends and family know you’re pregnant with this pregasaurus rex t-shirt.

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