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October 6, 2015 | Abortion

For some women pregnancy may be a very emotional time and it may be all the more emotional if her past pregnancies ended in a loss. Many women struggle after a miscarriage and the same can be true regarding abortion. Women choose abortions for a variety of reasons and sometimes they may find themselves struggling with their decision afterwards. However the choices you’ve made in the past don’t need to limit your options for future pregnancies.

Grief is personal and there is a uniqueness to the way it is experienced by each individual. Depending on their circumstances of the perinatal loss fear may be an aspect of their understanding and this can influence their experience or expectations of future pregnancies. A woman may sometimes feel anxious that she will not be a good mother, particularly if she is experiencing un-reconciled grief, anger, guilt or shame regarding her past abortion. While not every woman who has had an abortion, experiences these feelings, some do. It should be emphasized that her past abortion will not impact her ability to be a good mother. However, if the woman is experiencing distress from a past abortion it is recommended that she work through her perinatal loss so that she is able to be the best mother to her children as she is able.

Some women may express apprehension about possible medical complications or fertility concerns after their abortion. It is always best to visit your medical professional to alleviate any concerns rather than try to self-diagnose on-line.

The choices we make today have the potential to influence future choices, so it is necessary to collect as much information as possible before decisions are made. It is the recommendation of the Pregnancy Care Centre that women collect as much data as possible about all their pregnancy options. When it is time to make a final decision, she can make the decision with confidence that she has done her research and due diligence.

However, not every choice is black and white. Emotions and situational circumstances can impact her ability to make a decision that best suits her. A decision that was made at the time of a crisis may not necessarily be a choice she would have made before the difficulty or once she was out of the difficulty. If you find yourself struggling with unexpected emotions from a past abortion, The Abortion Recovery Centre is here to companion you on your journey. This program is facilitated by post-abortive women who understand will walk with you with no judgment – only compassion.

If you are experiencing a pregnancy and are battling feelings of fear or powerlessness, please call the Pregnancy Care Centre at 780-424-2624.

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