About Us

Edmonton Unexpected Pregnancy Care

We are your first choice for unexpected pregnancy care in Edmonton.  You can count on the trained volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Centre to help you find the answers and support you are looking for. You do not have to face these things alone, and we don’t want you to.

We are a Christian organization that is here to companion you through pregnancy, parenting and post-abortion care. You’re Never Alone.


Our Services

  • Pregnancy Tests and pregnancy education on all options
  • Pregnancy Plus Program if you’re afraid to parent, then we can help you prepare with our unique pregnancy plus program that focuses on life-skill readiness for becoming a parent. Come learn things that you will absolutely need to know – and earn points while you’re at it.
  • Gently used and clean maternity and baby clothing: by appointment only

  • Adoption Support: we walk with you through this journey – always supporting your rights and respecting your feelings regarding the placement of your child for adoption.
*Pregnancy Care Centre is not affiliated with any other pregnancy organizations in Edmonton. 


Building Healthy Family Connections – Staying Connected to our Teenagers

Teenagers are being bombarded everywhere they go with messages about sexuality and what is right and wrong – even from their own peers. It can be a very confusing and difficult for them to know what is true, right and “normal”.

The Pregnancy Care Centre offers on-demand Parenting Workshops for just this reason. We give tools and tips for speaking honestly with your teens and answer questions that you or your teens may have in an honest and non-judgmental environment.

Sexuality is a natural thing and through our teachings we can help parents and teens connect and talk to each other with a minimal amount of awkwardness and absolutely no shame.

Some of the topics we speak about are:

  • Understanding the Way Teenagers Think
  • Tools to be an Effective Parent and Connect with Your Teenager
  • Understanding the Social Culture Teenagers are Exposed to
  • How to Raise God-honoring Sexually Healthy Teenagers

These sessions are free and can be booked on demand by calling 780-424-2624.

Call us today to start your family’s conversation.