Let’s Talk Sex

WAIT! Let’s Talk Sex

The WAIT program is an Abstinence Plus program designed to empower students by affirming to them that they have tremendous value, that all of their choices are significant, and that – with regards to sexuality – only abstinence can guarantee full protection.

We are proud to offer FREE-OF-CHARGE workshops to all Edmonton and area schools and community groups.

WAIT! Let’s Talk Sex primary objectives:

  • To provide medically accurate information about the risks and rewards (physical and emotional) surrounding sexual choices
  • Affirm abstinence as the only way to completely prevent unexpected pregnancy/STI’s
  • To explore media and cultural messages and how these influence our values and behaviour
  • Identify the characteristics of healthy relationships including boundaries in dating
  • Affirm the benefits of delaying sexual activity until engaged in a committed monogamous relationship where sex can be enjoyed without risk

The goal is to focus on the facts, on informed decision-making, and on each individual’s right to choose.  Students are challenged to see themselves and others with high worth and value; the promotion of dignity and respect for self and others is essential.

The WAIT program is designed to enhance (not replace) the sexual education unit by assisting teachers in covering certain topics required by Alberta Education. We offer separate, age appropriate workshops for Grades 7, 8, 9 and CALM. Open dialogue on all issues is encouraged and without prejudice against race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or cultural background.

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