Prenatal Preparation

Pregnancy Plus Program

The PCC has a fantastic program unlike any other available to new parents; it is called Pregnancy Plus Program.

Those who are anticipating parenthood are often looking for support and information about their pregnancy and growing baby. Often they are feeling isolated, financially overwhelmed or without support.  Our program provides you with reliable pregnancy information in Edmonton.

Parents-to-be are invited to be a part of a prenatal or parenting group that builds friends and confidence as they earn points towards “big ticket” items they may need for their baby such as a stroller, crib or carseat. Each class involves discussion, sharing, a video and learning module and homework. Some of the classes are: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester; Fetal Alcohol Effects; Bonding with Your Unborn Baby; Newborn Care; Going It Alone; Breastfeeding and Ultrasound. Many of our Moms have developed friendships that they depend on and they maintain those friendships after their babies have been born. It is an encouraging, free and unique opportunity to learn while they work towards being the best parent they can be.

Call (780)-424-2624 or come into the PCC to have an intake session with a client advocate to see if this is the program for you!