At the Pregnancy Care Centre, we work closely with individuals who need our help. It is our greatest desire to develop caring relationships with each person who enters our doors.

The following are samples of feedback we’ve received from those we have helped:

“I came into the centre scared, pregnant and terrified of what came after. The ladies at the care centre took me in, they were so kind, loving and understanding. They taught me what I needed to know to be a great mom. You ladies are awesome! God bless!”

“the experience was amazing, nobody pointed at you but just said, we are going to help you. I felt such relief.

“…when I walk in and people smile at me and something inside me say don’t worry, everything is going to be ok…”

“they are helpful and supportful to low standard living family…there is no colour discrimination and they demonstrate the mind of God which is love towards human kind.”

“Pregnancy Care Centre has been a pretty solid support, knowing that I could come here fi I need anything for my daughter.”

“from the moment I walked into the center I felt like I was family and I belonged, the staff was so comforting, warm and inviting. I will be forever grateful.”

“staff are amazing and I love everything about the program!!! Thank you!

“From the minute I walked in, I felt a welcoming warmth from everybody at the Centre. They listened to me without judgment and I knew that they truly cared about me and not just my baby.” Female, 19 years old

“I liked the amount of information I got and how my client advocate knew what I needed to know.”
Male, 21 years old

“I enjoyed coming here-I felt comfortable. I know more about pregnancy than when I first came in the doors.”
Female, 17 years old

“It was nice to be able to get an evening appointment after work on Tuesday. This is a great place to ask for help.”
Female, 28 years old

“The Pregnancy Plus Program has helped me learn about parenting and about myself. I also got to earn points towards a crib.”
Female 21 years old

“It is such a personal and caring place, and I liked the way my client advocate talked to me with such openness.”
Female, 16 years old

“I would recommend my client advocate to anyone, and I liked the smiles and warm atmosphere.”
Female, 21 years old

“Thank you for answering my questions.”
Male, 30 years old

“My client advocate was extremely nice and helpful. She has good knowledge of her job and the information available.”
Female, 18 years old

“I was able to talk to the client advocate openly and comfortably. I found the centre very helpful to my needs – and, also, the client advocate listened to me.”
Female, 29 years old