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January 16, 2014 | Adoption

At the Pregnancy Care Centre, we provide support for those experiencing unplanned pregnancy in Edmonton, and part of that support is giving the information about all of the options available. One of the options is adoption, which can provide wonderful benefits to the adoptive parents, the child involved and the birth parents. It allows for people who may not have the physical option to have a child to expand their families. Adoption is an very emotionally draining process as well, which is why we provide adoption support and peer counselling without pressure to birth parents wh0 experience unplanned pregnancy.

  • Adoption can provide the opportunity to pursue your goals and dreams for the future.
  • When a child is placed for adoption you will have the opprtunity to choose the parents, the home and environment the you feel best suits your child.
  • The baby will have the opportunity to be raised in a two parent household with a stable income, which often times is a challenge for birth parents.
  • The child will have a greater chance to pursue secondary education, or other goals and dreams in their life.
  • Giving a child to a family will bring them the joy and love they might not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise.

Adoption as a result of an unexpected pregnancy can be the right option for some.

If you have more questions or would like more information regarding unplanned pregnancy and your options, please contact us today.



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