7+ Best Christian Songs For Kids

June 24, 2020 | Parenting

It can be difficult to find great praise and worship songs that your kids will participate in and really connect with.

Here are 7+ Christian songs for kids that have great messages, fun lyrics, and many have some sweet dance moves to help your kids engage with and remember the song!

1. Every Move I Make

A classic kids praise and worship song, “Every Move I Make” is up-beat and fun with a great message. 

This song has some great actions attached to it to both reinforce the message with memory-movements, plus, actions with praise and worship songs help kids focus on the song!

Your kids can dance along and sing their hearts out to a fantastic, time-honoured song.

2. L-O-V-E, Love

This song has a wonderful message with very enjoyable actions! 

Your older children will be able to learn from the entire song and follow along with all the dance moves, and your younger kids can participate in the simpler moves. Spelling L-O-V-E emphasizes the most important action from God, His great love for us, so this is a great song to play for your kids!

3. My God is So Big

This song is well known in church nurseries and younger Sunday School classes all around.

Simple, to the point, and easy to remember. You can teach this song to your children as young as two or three years old and they will remember it. Don’t forget the adorable actions that play along with this song as you and your kids will enjoy learning them together. 

This song as a great message and is a good song to sing any time of the day as a daily reminder of the all-loving, omnipotence of God (in a sweet, kid friendly way).

4. This Little Light of Mine

Another classic praise and worship song, this song is fun for the entire family. You’ll likely remember it from VBS or Sunday School (or you’ll enjoy learning it today), your older kids will love the fast pace and fun dance moves, and your little ones will have tons of fun bopping along and singing and clapping. 

This song sings clearly of the joy and light we bring to the world when we have God’s grace and joy flowing through us. 

5. Thank You Lord for Making Me

This song is a wonderful, creative way to teach your children about gratitude.

With fun moments where your children get to be monkeys, bears, and alligators, there won’t be any lack of enthusiasm. Teach your children to be thankful to God for his grace and kindness in a way that lets them shout it over the rooftops with joy!

6. Fruit of the Spirit

This fast-paced song combines joyful learning with child-like silliness. 

Help your kids learn about all the literal fruits the fruit of the spirit is not, and then teach the biblical knowledge of all the good traits the fruit of the spirit in fact is. Repetitive enough that your younger children will be able to follow along, while fast enough that your older kids will still want to engage with the material, this song is great for kids of all ages!

7. One Thing Remains

Finally, this fantastic song is punchy and easy to remember. It also has a wonderful message for your children to learn and take to heart — that Jesus’ love is never failing and will never give up on them!

This is a great song to get your kids up and moving for praise and worship songs. You can find some great actions to follow, or, get your kids to make them up as a symbol for their own praise and worship experience!