5+ Awesome Christian Websites For Kids

April 11, 2020 | Parenting

1. Kids of Integrity

An incredible resource by Focus On The Family, Kids of Integrity teaches kids important lessons around key morals like courage, courtesy, discernment, faithfulness and forgiveness.

Each lesson includes fun scenarios that end with Bible verses that tie to each activity.

Visit Kids of Integrity Website

2. Pureflix

Netflix, meet God’s goodness. The “safe and fun for the whole family” of on-demand tv and movies is a great place for kids to kick back and relax.

Enjoy unlimited access to wholesome shows that go way beyond biblical lessons to include educational categories like biographies, science & nature and the animal kingdom.

Visit Pureflix website

3. Pursue God Kids

Kids can spend time learning lessons from the Bible by watching short videos and reading short questions that prompt them to really think.

Pursue God Kids uses the 3-step “FLEX” method that includes: finding a topic, learning about it and exploring it together.

Visit Pursue God Kids

4. The Beginner’s Bible

Kids can spend time playing match games, doing digital jigsaw puzzles, and spotting the difference on The Beginner’s Bible website or app.

What’s more is if you want to move offline, there are dozens of free colouring and activity sheets that you can easily print off.

Visit Beginner’s Bible Website & App

5. Veggie Tales

Cool, fun, full-of-fibre cartoons, anyone? While Veggie Tales may be new to some, there’s no denying they’re a complete Christian classic.

A great way to entertain your young ones, Veggie Tales shows animated vegetables as characters in Bible stories and other exciting adventures.

While there’s no doubt that there is great, quality content on YouTube, there is also a lot of explicit material that can be all too easily accessed, as well. Be sure to set up the parent controls on YouTube before you set your little one up online.

Visit Veggie Tales YouTube Channel