How your church can help

As a non-profit Christian organization, the Pregnancy Care Centre is dedicated to compassionate outreach. From churches and schools to womens’ and mens’ community groups, we build bridges within our communities.

Pastors and church members can become involved in the work of the Pregnancy Care Centre and help in the following ways:

  • Invite us to speak to your congregation. Surprisingly, there may be many people sitting in pews who need a safe place to go, where they can talk about their current or past situation regarding an unexpected pregnancy or abortion. Often, after a presentation, we hear comments like: “I had no idea you did all this or that you are a Christian organization.”
  • Invite us to speak to women’s groups, mens’ groups, youth groups, mission committees, Elders Boards, or any other groups you may have in mind.
  • Provide us with a church liaison—someone who will have a heart for this work and be able to promote various fundraising events or prayer needs to the congregation.
  • Support us financially. We encourage our clients to seek out churches in their neighborhoods. Often, we support members of your very own congregations.
  • Pray for us. If you have an intercessors prayer group have them come to the centre once every month or every six weeks to pray with us and for us.