13+ Inexpensive Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas To Melt Your Heart

November 6, 2019 | For Guys

Often times in life, we don’t cherish a moment until it becomes a memory.

1. Movie Night

Why not head out to catch a movie together? To save on tickets, consider a weekend matinee, Tuesday night showing (with discounted ticket prices) or purchasing tickets from your local CAA for a discounted price.

2. Book Store

Book stores truly are a wondrous place. Spent an afternoon browsing the aisles or cozy up at one of the tables or chairs to dig in to a new type of story.

Choose a topic that your daughter is interested in and dive in!

3. Cook a Meal

Do you have a favourite dish you’re known for? Plan a date to pass it on to your daughter while you two dig in together.

Not much a chef yourself? Spend time searching on a popular recipes website, through cookbooks you already own or the cookbook section at your local library to choose a fun and exciting recipe together.

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4. Swimming

Many communities often offer free entrance to local recreation centres over the weekend, which makes for a great and inexpensive father-daughter night out.

Try fun water games like racing to the other end of the pool, trying the waterslides or having a fun diving competition.

5. Playground

Located nearby to almost every home, free and open 24 hours. What more could you ask for?

6. Test Your Tastebuds

Besides simply building memories of fun times spent together, why not try bringing your little one out to try a new type of cuisine or ethnic dish?

Why not try grabbing a few Indian samosas, filled cannoli from the Italian market or pho at a Vietnamese restaurant?

Take a few moments to research the country or culture before you head out and share some interesting facts with your daughter while you snack.

6. Ice Cream 2.0

Of course, it’s fun to grab a few scoops, but why not try something different?

There are many new types of exciting ice cream experiences like Scoop N Roll, piling your own fro-yo high with toppings like candy and fresh fruit or make-your-own Marble Slab creation.

7. Skating

Bundle up and head outdoors or visit a year-round indoor rink.

8. Tobogganing

Blast winter blues by spending some quality daddy-daughter time sliding down a nearby snowy hill.

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9. Pet Store

Visiting a pet store is not only a fun way to spend time together, but can also be a great learning experience.

Take the time to name and explain different animals and where they’re most often found in the world.

Often times, pet stores like Petland and PetSmart will even have animals out in open pens – ready for cuddling!

10. Build a Fort

Gather all the pillows and blankets in your home and set up camp. For bonus points, leave a ‘window’ so you can see the tv and rent a fun new movie while you snack on popcorn together in the fort.

11. Paint Ceramics

Try something new by heading out to a local pottery and clay painting shop.

12. Take a Walk

Sometimes simple time spent together is the most meaningful.

Explore a new neighbourhood in town or take a walk through a beautiful green space in your city or town.

Think of the time as a special chance to really connect with her and ask her questions that go beyond the usual day-to-day.

13. Board Games

Make a night of it by making a quick treat stop with your daughter and letting her fill up a few small bowls with some snacks while you play a few of your favourite games.

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