5 Adorable Baby Names with Beautiful Meanings

January 1, 2018 | Pregnancy

Choosing a name for your baby is an important thing. It may be the first big decision you make together. Here are five names that are predicted to be popular, or increase in popularity, for 2018.

Here are five names from babygaga.com’s collection for 2018 that are predicted to be popular, sound lovely and have a meaning that is beautiful.

Emma is already the most popular name for a little girl, and has been so for several years. It is a lovely name— it sounds feminine and adorable, but it also simple and uncluttered. That makes it sweet for a baby girl, but also sophisticated and charming for a young woman. It means “complete, whole or universal.” It has been popular throughout history, and it has quite a few variations and names that are similar to it.

Harper is becoming more popular as a name for little boys and girls. It is an English word, meaning “one who plays the harp, a minstrel”. Harper refers to someone who can express his or herself beautifully, is creative and interesting, and who is drawn to creativity as well as being fun, and free.

Celestial or weather phenomena are good choices for unique names. Aurora is a popular feminine name for a little girl. It has a lovely sound, a lovely meaning and brings to mind a whimsical feeling. Aurora means “the light of dawn”, and the little girl with that name is said to be intuitive, inspirational, and extremely bright.

Seasons and months of the year have been used in the past as baby names, but one that is hitting its peak in popularity in 2018 is Winter. This is a beautiful time of year and it can certainly make a powerful statement as a name for a little boy, or for a little girl.

Choosing a name for a flower, or an herb can also make a beautiful choice for a baby. Floral names immediately conjure colours and connection to the Earth. There are many choices here, common and rare. Violet is not an uncommon name, but it is expected to increase in popularity in 2018. It also works nicely as a child’s name or as an adult’s. Violets are lovely, and people with that name are said to be imaginative, intuitive and spiritual.

Whatever name you choose, choose a name with meaning to you. The name and the baby will become each other.