5 Must-Have Baby Gadgets for New Moms

October 16, 2018 | Baby Products

Being a new parent is an exciting time, but it’s also an expensive time. You need a lot of stuff, and babies are a big industry. Not everything that is out there to buy is going to be something you need. Parents, especially new parents, feel pressured and they want to get everything right, but things do get too hectic to keep it all up. So, whether you are buying gifts or buying for your own baby, focus on gadgets that make things easier for mom and dad. Baby needs to be warm, dry, fed, comfortable, and soothed. Those needs will need to be met over and over again. So, think helpful, useful gadgets when you make your purchases – and don’t worry about the fact that these gadgets are more for mom and dad than for baby!

Make feeding time easier

You know how an instant single serve coffee machine makes your mornings easier? The Baby Brezza Formula Pro can make baby a bottle in no time and with no mess. It’s great in the middle of the night when you are sleepy, and in the middle of the day, or early in the morning… who doesn’t love a warm drink as soon as possible?

Make taking baby’s temperature easier

Get a thermometer that checks baby’s temperature digitally with just a touch on the forehead, or even from two inches away when you don’t want her to wake up. You’ll like this one when baby seems a bit under the weather late at night. A forehead thermometer will give you a quick, fuss-less temperature reading.

Babies love being swaddled and soothed

Many parents report that being put in the car seat and going out for a ride can settle her down, or they talk about how he loves the sound of the vacuum cleaner running over and over the same spot! Babies like the sound and the vibration. They feel safe and warm, and this usually puts the little one to sleep. A baby swing with vibration settings can serve the same purpose.

Forget the audio monitor, get one with video!

Sometimes it’s not enough to hear baby, you want to see what they are doing without going in to disturb them. Get a video monitor so you can peek without waking baby up.

Babies need toys as well

The need for play is a big deal. Babies like brightly coloured soft toys that can be picked up from all angles and that they can put in their mouth without worry.


How do these gadgets sound to you? Worth the money? Many baby gadgets can’t be used for any other purpose after baby is grown, so choose carefully. As a society we love gadgets, but this isn’t the time to spend money on something that isn’t going to make the next twelve months easier.

For more information on the items you will definitely have to have in stock when baby comes home, and for more advice and tips on pregnancy, contact the Pregnancy Care Centre.