Five Pregnancy Products That Are Worth Every Penny

close up of pregnant woman reading book sitting on bed at home bedroom

August 15, 2017 | Baby Products

Don’t go through your pregnancy without these five items.

Pregnancy is a time of joy and celebration. It is also a time for marketers to sell as many baby products as possible to expectant mothers. While some products are gimmicks and are completely unnecessary, there are a few that mothers simply should not live without. These are five of the products that will make your pregnancy much easier.

Fetal Heart Monitor

There are hundreds of brands available on the market.  Mothers can sort through their preferences by styles, prices, and availability.  At any time a mother can listen to their baby’s heart rate to assure themselves that the pregnancy is still going well. This becomes especially useful towards the end of the pregnancy when the baby becomes too large to actively kick or move on a regular basis.

Pregnancy Bras

A pregnancy bra is an absolute must during a pregnancy.  Your bra size will increase rapidly and purchasing a new bra every month is not a feasible or economical idea.  Pregnancy bras are designed for the sudden and extra support you will need to accommodate your growing size.  Proper support is extremely important to help reduce the chance of painful breasts.

A Large Jacket

Even a summer pregnancy will have cold days. Most soon-to-be mothers avoid big purchases such as jackets and other outer wear. Yes, a pregnancy is temporary, but a jacket is essential. Simply squeezing into your current jacket will become an impossible task towards the end of your pregnancy.  A large jacket will ensure that you are still comfortable, and healthy, outdoors.  It will also be usable for the first few months post pregnancy while your body slowly loses the baby weight.

A Good Pregnancy Book

There are hundreds of books as well as an unlimited amount of unsolicited pregnancy advice.  A good book will help you sort through the information given to you. While no two pregnancies are alike, a reputable book will help guide you through your own pregnancy with factual information.  A book with pregnancy stage images are a great way to envision your own growing baby and identify the growth stages that they are at.

Foot Support

Your feet will change.  Your walk will also change as your center of gravity shifts during your pregnancy.  Proper foot support is important to help maintain your posture as well as your comfort level. While you will want shoes that are easy to slip on and off without bending over, you also want shoes that help maintain your foot arch and support in the right areas. It is well known that activities such as walking are great for a healthy pregnancy.

There are a number of items you can purchase during your pregnancy to help make it a more enjoyable experience. It is also important to remember that not all of them are necessary. That being said, these items will help make your pregnancy a more comfortable, and during a pregnancy, comfort is a very important thing.