5 Wonderful Gifts for Expecting Moms

December 13, 2018 | Pregnancy

An Elevated Coffee Experience

If there’s one thing that early mornings and late nights with a little love bug calls for, it’s coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Why not treat your new mom to an espresso maker, milk frother, french press or beans from a popular local coffee shop?

A Relaxing Home

A beautiful diffuser makes a great gift, especially when paired with an essential oil or two.¬†From nausea, to stress, to headaches, there’s an essential oil to soothe.

Mama-to-be is about to be spending more time at home than usual, and the pleasant, natural scents from an essential oil diffuser are sure to add a comforting edge to the home.

A Clean Home

Adding a little one to the equation undoubtedly makes keeping the home tidy an almost impossible task, so why not gift your expecting mom with a helping hand?

Having one less thing to worry about, besides baby, will be a welcome present from any new mom!

A Relaxing Bath

Perhaps the perfect gift for an expecting mom, is the gift of relaxation. Spoil the new mama in your life with some lovely epsom salts to elevate her tub time.

Throw in a beautiful candle so that she can enjoy her chill time in a candlelit room.

A Healthy Meal

What better way to pamper a new mom than a delicious, nourishing meal?

Why not purchase a few meal kit deliveries such as Hello Fresh or Chef’s Plate, or better yet, some fully prepared meals?

Consider stopping by a local bakery and picking up some specialty loaves or baked treats for a tasty surprise.

Becoming a new mom is both an exciting and scary experience, but it is our hope that some of these gift ideas may help smooth the adjustment process out.

Do you know someone expecting an unplanned pregnancy? Our caring and knowledgeable team would love to speak with them – get in touch today.

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