Healthy Teen Relationships

Talking to teens about relationships and sex can be a daunting (but necessary) task. These precious and formative years will shape the way teens navigate life’s crucial stages, including relationships and sex. Our Wait! Let’s Talk program resonates with teens and parents, and can help open the doors of communication and ease these difficult conversations.

WAIT! Let’s Talk is a free program specifically designed for junior and senior high school students and youth interest groups. These engaging, educational sessions encourage teens to make healthy choices about their relationships and sexual activity, and explore how their choices affect their current reality and can impact their future.

Did you know?

• Age 11 is the average age of exposure to pornography
• Only 28% of Canadians understand “consent”
• 20% of teens report being victimized by physical dating violence

Our trained and highly engaging speakers have already presented this free session to thousands of teens and they love it.

Benefits of WAIT! Let’s Talk:

  1. INFORMATIVE: Help teens gain facts and insight they can apply to make healthy decisions.
  2. SUPPORTIVE: Offer teens practical tools and tips to help them navigate the current culture.
  3. EMPOWERING: Remind teens about the power of their choices; that those choices can have impacts now and in the future.

Why choose the WAIT! Let’s Talk workshop?

  • Free & customizable
  • Engaging, well trained speakers
  • Interactive, frank, and practical
  • Sessions can be tailored to junior or senior high
  • Research based information on hot topics (STIs, pornography, media consumption, and more)
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Explores the impacts of choices on the present and on the future
  • Equips teens and educators with tools to navigate today’s culture

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*WAIT! Let’s Talk compliments the Alberta Sex Education curriculum by aligning with the curriculum’s learning objectives and outcomes.