How to Choose a Breast Pump

March 20, 2018 | Baby Products

Just like buying anything related to babies, there are many choices when it comes to purchasing a breast pump. Here is a quick guide to help you find a breast pump that works for you, your new baby, and your lifestyle.

  1. Settle on a Size

In general, breast pumps are separated into three broad categories: large hospital-grade, mid-range, and lightweight portable models. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and many parents will have multiple kinds, depending on their needs.

Large, hospital-grade pumps are probably the most efficient kind available. Some models are dual-pump, so they empty each breast simultaneously. The higher-end version can cut pumping times in half to about 15 minutes, which is perfect for people on a busy schedule. That said, they are quite expensive. They also tend to be awkward and heavy, so taking them with you can be a challenge.

Mid-range pumps are the in-between of the smaller travel pumps and the hospital-grade pumps. They usually feature powerful motors and suction so they can efficiently pump breastmilk faster than the lightweight models. They are not light, however, with some coming in at about 8-10 pounds, but they do often come with carrying cases with space for batteries and to store pumped milk. They aren’t ideal for people “on-the-go” because of their size and weight, but they are more portable than larger models.

The final class, the lightweight portable models, focus on convenience above all else. That means they take longer to pump, sometimes rely on non-rechargeable batteries, and can be easily stowed in with all of baby’s other stuff that they need. They truly let you pump almost anywhere at anytime, but their weaker suction and motors means it takes longer to fill a bottle.

  1. Look at Features

Breast pumps aren’t cars, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have lots of features. Everything from the colour to the motors themselves seem to boast unique characteristics, but that doesn’t mean all features are equal. In fact, there are two features you should focus on above all others: suction settings and single or double pump. Double pumps are more expensive but more efficient. Suction settings help you get the right fit for a better experience.

  1. New or Used

There is a healthy market of previously-owned breast pumps out there and they can be just as safe as new breast pumps. The major thing you need to consider when looking at used breast pumps, however, is whether the pump itself is an open or closed system. Closed system pumps have a barrier in place to completely separate the milk collection kit and the pump mechanism. Open systems have no such barrier, making it impossible to fully sterilize.

Looking for breast pumps can be overwhelming, but there is the perfect one out there for your lifestyle. Decide on the type you need and look for features that you will use. With that information, finding a pump for your needs and budget gets much easier.

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