How to Rise Above Judgment During Your Pregnancy

June 20, 2017 | Pregnancy


Teen pregnancy and judgment go hand in hand. Learn how to cope with people’s opinions.


You discover that you are pregnant. This news never comes at an ideal moment. In one instant, your entire life changes.  Every decision you make now affects not just you, but also the life that you are carrying. In addition to this added responsibility comes the sudden questions from your friends, family and even strangers. They now expect answers from you. What do you plan to do? How will you care for it? How could you let this happen? It’s easy to see how this builds up, leading to more and more questions without any answers. People instantly start to judge, without taking the time to learn your story first.


How do you get past this troubling time and the constant judgment from those around you?


For most, judgment from your friends and family is the hardest to handle. There are two important factors to remember. First, your family is also now coping with a new pregnancy that does affect them on an emotional level. Second, they do have your interests at heart but are also juggling the effects of judgment from their circle of friends as well.  While considering where they are also coming from, realize that this is still your pregnancy, your baby, and your choice.


What makes it harder for everybody involved is a lack of communication, secrets, and deceit. Be honest, be up front and be the first to announce your news and intent. While the news of a pregnancy and your decision may not go over well. At least it lets them know where you stand and allows them to process this information in their own way.


A teen pregnancy is a difficult time, as with any pregnancy; but it is not an impossible time. Through your pregnancy, don’t let judgment weigh on your mind for too long, and remember to be true to yourself. Take the time to really consider your own options and the effect they will have on you. When you decide how to proceed with your pregnancy, stick to your decision.


Through your pregnancy, don’t let judgment weigh on your mind for too long, and remember to be true to yourself.


Judgment from friends and family will be part of this event. Even judgment from random strangers will seem particularly harsh. Just remember this is only a part of your life, and that everything that happens is another reason to grow stronger. Through all of the negative attention, there will be just as many positives.  There are places to go for support and help. There are many others who have been through the exact same situation as you.  If you are fortunate enough to have family that supports you, consider this a benefit. If not, do not hesitate to turn to friends and support groups.


No matter what age you become pregnant, judgment from others is never far away.  From your choice of clothes to your future decisions regarding your baby, there will always be those that support you to those that oppose your decisions. At Pregnancy Care Center, we provide counseling and support for circumstances just like yours. While it is new for you, it is not a new situation. We are here to help, provide support and answer any questions you many have.  Help is only a phone call away.