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October 17, 2017 | For Guys

Everything was going so well. You both had plans for the future and those plans didn’t involve a baby… yet. But then, the unexpected happened and changed everything.

It’s no secret that an unplanned pregnancy can turn an entire world upside down. On top of the other hundred thoughts running through your mind, you can’t stop wondering what he’ll say.

You know you’ve got to tell him, but how? 

What kind of reaction should you expect? 

How do guys react to finding about an unplanned pregnancy? 

While you may think you know what will be going through the guy’s mind, these common reactions may just end up surprising you.

1. Alone

Should I talk to my buddy about this? What will my family say? Will the guys at work act differently towards me?

Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy can leave even the most grounded people feeling scared and alone. 

The Pregnancy Care Centre offers free, confidential counselling for both girls and guys facing unplanned pregnancy. If you or your partner are feeling alone, connect with us today to schedule a time to talk.

2. Excited

It’s no secret that finding out about an unplanned pregnancy as a guy can be incredibly shocking.

But, the truth is, a major life event like a pregnancy can also end up stirring something within. 

Once he’s given time to come to terms with this unexpected surprise, your partner may actually begin to feel a very real sense of responsibility stir within him. 

3. Scared

As the dad, he’s probably feeling just as scared and confused as anyone else.

He might be worried that he will have to work harder and earn more money.

He might be worried he will have to step up, take a job he doesn’t want, or give up his schooling to work.

He might be unprepared to make such unalterable decisions.

Asking how he is doing is a simple way to let him know you care, and that you want to support him in any way you can.

4. Guilty

He may be feeling like this pregnancy is all his fault, or beating himself up for not being more careful.

Guilt can make people angry, irritable, or want to be alone.

But the truth is, a pregnancy takes two people and one person alone can’t be blamed. It happens, and matters now, is what happens next.

Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy Care Centre offers education, counselling and support for women and their partners facing unplanned pregnancy in Edmonton, Alberta.

Learn more about our unplanned pregnancy counselling services or get in touch with us to talk with one of our caring and compassionate team members today. 

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