49 of the Best Iron Rich Foods for Pregnancy

iron rich pregnancy foods like oats and chocolate for pregnancy

February 8, 2019 | Exercise & Nutrition

During pregnancy, mama isn’t only fuelling her own needs any longer, but baby’s too. Because baby requires a good dose of oxygen and blood for healthy development, it’s important that mom’s blood is iron-rich enough to support those needs.

Christal Sczebel, Edmonton-based Certified Nutritional Consultant and Food Blogger of Nutrition in the Kitch, explains the important of iron rich foods for pregnancy,

“Iron is critical for fetal development and adequate iron is key in helping to prevent premature birth and low birth weight. It’s important to note as well, that active women are at a higher risk of deficiency.”

Iron Rich Foods for Pregnancy

So, which foods are rich in iron and ideal for pregnancy?

Let’s dive in…

Meat & Poultry

1. Beef

2. Moose

3. Venison

4. Veal

5. Lamb

6. Ham

7. Chicken

Fish & Seafood

8. Halibut

9. Haddock

10. Salmon

11. Tuna

12. Octopus

13. Clams

14. Mussels

15. Oysters

16. Sardines

snap peas - iron rich food for pregnancy

Organ Meats

17. Pork Liver*

18. Lamb Kidney*

19. Beef Kidney*

*Pregnant women should limit the amount of liver they eat to 1 serving every two weeks.

Vegetarian Options

20. Extra Firm Tofu

Beans and Legumes

21. Cannellini Beans

22. Chickpeas

23. Black Beans

24. Baked Beans

25. Kidney Beans

26. Lentils


27. Potatoes (Skin on)

28. Instant Oatmeal

29. Brown Rice

Nuts and Seeds

30. Pumpkin Seeds

31. Sunflower Seeds

32. Sesame Seeds

33. Hemp Hearts

34. Pistachios

35. Cashews

36. Almonds

37. Hazelnuts


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38. Asparagus

39. Snow Peas

40. Beets

41. Leafy Greens like Kale and Spinach

42. Broccoli

43. Edamame

44. Tomato Puree


45. Wheat Germ

46. Amaranth

47. Dark Chocolate

48. Dried Apricots

49. Molasses

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