Our Leadership

The Pregnancy Care Centre provides a space for loving, unconditional acceptance. Everyone at the Pregnancy Care Centre is dedicated to helping women and families who experience unexpected pregnancies. As a team, we lead with compassion and acceptance, not judgment.

Meet some of the passionate, caring individuals who make our organization what it is:

Trish – Executive Director

A wife and mother of two, Trish easily relates to those in a crisis related to unexpected pregnancies. When Trish was a teenager she experienced both an unexpected pregnancy and an abortion and she struggled for many years as a result. Trish began as a volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Centre. Today, she is the executive director and she is passionate about the centre’s services and loves working to help others. Trish believes that the centre’s staff are supportive companions and offer hope to women and men who feel like their life is out of control because of an unexpected pregnancy. She is also passionate about the Abortion Recovery Centre, as it is where she found healing and forgiveness on a level she didn’t know was possible.


Karen – Abortion Recovery Director

Karen is a wife, a mother of three and a grandma of two. She has a big heart for women, especially women who have experienced abortion and are anguished by the consequences of their choice. She desires to share her story of healing and freedom so that others can find comfort, healing and hope. Karen encourages her clients to authentically mourn their abortion losses because to “live well” and “love well” require that we “mourn well.” She also holds a Death and Grief Certification from the Centre for Loss and Life Transition.

Samantha – Client Service Director, Edmonton

Sam is a mother of five children and has a contagious laugh and joy. Sam is passionate and goes the extra mile for her clients and her volunteers. She is as busy as her job is demanding but she does it all with a smile. Sam was a teen mother and today as a Certified Doula she brings a lot of expertise to the centre.

Kim – Centre Director, Barrhead

Kim is a mother of three daughters and has a big heart for women who need extra help or encouragement. More than 10 years ago Kim’s dream was that the town of Barrhead would have a safe place for those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy to turn to. As a result of this dream, Kim played an important role in opening the Barrhead Pregnancy Care Centre. As a woman who has experienced an unexpected pregnancy herself, Kim wanted to help others in a similar situation. Kim is so thrilled to now be in a place where she can use her passion and experiences to help others and lead an incredible team of caring women and men.

Alison – Community Education Team Director

Alison is a wife and mother of two who is dedicated to bringing healthy messages to teens. Alison is very passionate and creative and has a unique way with the students, which allows them to be themselves and be comfortable talking about sex and relationships with an adult. She enjoys speaking health into the lives of students.

Nicole – Centre Coordinator

Nicole is a wife and mother of four. Nicole was a teen mom herself and has a lot of passion for her work. She is the warm, friendly voice and face that greets visitors and clients when they first arrive at the centre. Nicole is always happy to hear from, or see, clients and starts building relationships as soon as they walk through the door. Her cheerfulness is calming and she makes everyone feel loved and supported.

Janet – Client Services Coordinator, Barrhead

Janet is a wife and mother of five children. Janet’s love for helping others comes from what she learned from her parents as she watched the love they poured into everyone around them. Janet was especially impacted when her parents provided shelter and support to a teen during an unexpected pregnancy. This has led Janet to seek a life where she can be encouraging and supportive. She has a deep compassion and love for women and families who are affected by unexpected pregnancies. Janet’s hearty laugh, “roll with it” attitude and ability to see beyond the surface of those in her presence are beautiful gifts to those around her.

Wendi – Executive Administrative Assistant

Wendi is a wife, a mother of four and a grandma to one. Wendi is also a strong, dynamic woman. In her words, she has a “gold-type” personality that shines through in her administrative skills. Wendi’s passion for this ministry is evident and she brings tremendous wisdom to the centre.


Jerry – Accountant

Jerry is a husband, a father of three and a grandpa to three. Jerry is a good sport, to work in a centre full of women (he has much practice, as his children are all girls). Jerry is always cheerful, hardworking and keeps our finances in great order. His knowledge in many areas is a huge asset.

Tanya – Marketing Coordinator

Tanya is a military wife, and mother to a teenage daughter. She is deeply creative and loves to make things beautiful around her. Experiencing her own unexpected pregnancy was pivotal in helping Tanya grow in empathy towards other women in similar circumstances. A bridge builder, she is also passionate about communication because “our words can either serve to build connections or divide us.” Tanya is a coffee snob. She is also guilty of laughing at the most inopportune moments.