Life is a Highway. What Kind of Car Are You?

Cute little kid boy in a helmet playing with Computer steering wheel.

August 9, 2017 | General

Recently, I saw the Disney CARS movie with my family. As I watched, I was surprised at how many comparisons can be drawn between people, life, and cars. First I thought about how the people we know are like different types of cars.

For example, we all know a minivan person. Dependable, steady, lots of room for you and your friends. Then there is the 4×4 person. That’s the person you call when you’re stuck, or you just need that “get ‘er done” type to help you out. Or what about the Volvo person? Safe, cautious, comes complete with built in back up camera and 24/7 online support. This person is a great friend; you can always trust their advice, but not the model you choose for those crazy times. And then there is the sports car person: speedy and built for fun. Or maybe each one of us has the potential to be like any of those cars. We just have a favorite model that we like to go back to.

But on a deeper level, I also thought about how the life we live is like a car. How each one of us has been given one life, a car and it is up to us to maintain, drive, and use it as best we can. We need to try to use the best fuels, high-octane with only the very best additives, no preservatives and be careful that we do not run ourselves until we are empty. We need to maintain and care for ourselves, clean off the grime, and keep an eye on the pressures.  It also occurred to me how all cars perform better when looked after by someone who cares. I thought about how even though a car can feel fast and foreign and sporty, we still need to drive responsibly and follow the rules. How driving too quickly and too hard even though it feels good is opening the door to fines and tickets and maybe even a crash.

The more I thought, the more I realized it’s important to stay in the lines and drive with care not only for yourself but the other cars on the road. I thought, sure, sometimes it’s fun just to get in and go, but you still need to have an overall plan and destination, and road maps are helpful too. I thought about how sometimes you’re just driving along when some else’s car cuts you off or swerves into your lane, or rear ends you, and though it’s not your fault you still need to deal with it; how collisions hurt and there is always repair work to be done.  And how you never really know when something big is going to go wrong with your car.  Maybe it will no longer be drivable,  maybe it will have to be in the shop for a while until it’s fixed, or maybe it will never start again.

Life and cars; privileges and responsibilities, freedoms and rules, bumpy roads and wide open highways. Whatever your car looks like and where ever you are at on your journey, be still for one moment and choose to be thankful that you had a chance to drive at all. Enjoy the ride if things are going well, and hang in there waiting for the next curve or intersection if things are difficult. There are many twists and turns; no road goes on forever. Never forget that you are a one of a kind limited edition model, irreplaceable.

How do I know? Because I’m a mom, and I’ve seen a lot of cars,  I’ve been a lot of cars, raised cars, and driven along side cars, and never once have I seen a car that wasn’t purposely designed and built to drive this life and go somewhere.