Mom, It's Time to Stop and Smell The Roses...

Woman tending to rose bush.

May 12, 2017 | Uncategorized


Have you ever noticed how females naturally seem to mother? They don’t even necessarily have to have a child. They mother their siblings and partners, their friends, their coworkers and even other mothers, including their own.


Sometimes the hardest thing about being a girl or a mother is knowing when NOT to mother. When to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of all that labour.


This concept reminds me of a story:

Once there was a rosebush with feelings. The caring gardener had planted the bush¬†and nurtured it into a vibrant, healthy bramble. She fertilized and watered the bush in the summer and protected the little plant from the cold winds of winter. She grew that little bush into a beautiful shrub and loved it selflessly for a long time until gradually it started to blossom into an amazing rose bush. It wasn’t long before it was in full bloom and doing well on its own. But every morning when the gardener came out she didn’t mention the flowers. She was used to those, and as a gardener, her eye was trained to look for other things. She would get right to work pruning and complaining about the weeds. Pulling and clipping and fussing until the bush was just as she thought it should be. But one day a visitor came and looked at the bush. And the visitor was amazed at the beauty and strength and fragrance of the bush. The visitor marveled at the bush’s beautiful blooms and bright green leaves. The visitor loved the blossoming plant and told it so, saying it was the¬†prettiest they’d ever seen. This left the rose bush confused. It was being showered in love from the visitor, but it also knew its gardener showed love too. Even though the bush knows that it is loved by the gardener, it is attracted to the visitor because the visitor communicates to the bush all that it is great about it, while the gardener just sees and pulls the weeds…


So today whether you are a mother or not, step back and just be the visitor.


You have worked too hard to not enjoy the plants and people and relationships around you. How do I know? Because I am a mom. And the story above was written by my son.