The Importance of Being an Active Dad

importance of fathers

June 10, 2015 | For Guys

Sometimes babies are born into this world to a single parent. We salute those who take this on whether by choice or necessity – you are heroes and are doing a wonderful job and in no way would we ever want to diminish that achievement!

Having expressed our amazement at single parents we do however,  when possible, love to see participation and support from fathers in these situations that involve unplanned pregnancy. When a child has an active father in his or her life, there are definite proven benefits. Besides the pride you can take in being an active father, studies show that children thrive with two parents.

Having another parent helps the mother share the “burden”. Parenting is hard work and sometimes it’s just time for a break! It’s even said that having a partner in child rearing makes for better mothers as they can have some downtime. Being there to recognize when the other parent needs a breather and allowing them that time is a wonderful thing.

Children who have active fathers are actually shown to score higher on cognitive tests. By the time babies are three months old they can recognize the difference between parents. They are learning machines and with two people to teach them, have a better grasp on learning and problem-solving.

Active fathers also tend to promote independence. They help children to securely separate a little from Mom, who is often the more primary caregiver in infancy (due to breastfeeding, etc.) Fathers also tend to give toddlers and children a little more freedom to explore the world around them.

Children who grow up with involved Dads are also less likely to engage in criminal activities or drug abuse. They have a lower rate of teen violence and are more likely to grow up and take an active role in their own families.

Having an active father (or two loving parents) can make a huge difference in a child’s life right from the start. It’s a tough decision and can be nerve wracking, but when you choose your child, you instantly choose a rewarding path.

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