Tips for Studying with a Baby

Young mother studying with baby

September 13, 2017 | Parenting

There is a very real challenge when it comes to studying with babies and small children. Here are some tips on how to manage your school year.


Parenting is a full-time job, however, life does not end with the birth of your child. For many, children make an appearance before schooling is finished or careers have been achieved.  With some careful planning, many parents have managed to earn school diplomas and degrees after having a baby.  One of the biggest challenges to overcome is how to study with a baby.  It may seem like an impossible task to accomplish, but with some practice and advice, you will find that this is possible.


Work with your Baby’s Schedule


One of the biggest mistakes that parents make is that they expect their baby to work with their own schedule.  A parent chooses their ideal study time and becomes quite aggravated when their baby interrupts and demands attention.  Your baby does not plan on times to interrupt you, they simply are getting your attention when it’s needed.  Rather than forcing your baby to conform to your schedule, work within theirs.  Choose your study time around the times they are napping or occupied.  This will give you some stress-free and uninterrupted time to focus on your studies.


Take Advantage of Outside Help


Use family support if that option is available to you. If you have family willing to give a hand, allow them to monitor your baby while you take some time to study.  Working with your family for scheduled babysitting will allow you to plan a study routine that works for everybody involved.  If you do not have friends or family that can help, take advantage of your nearby day homes and play centers.  Talk to child monitoring services about their pricing and schedules.  Depending on your situation, financing options may also be available.


Think Outside the Box


If a regular study time cannot be achieved, look into breaking your schedule into smaller segments. If half an hour of reading is not possible, what about 10 minutes, multiple times a day? If you find that reading a course manual is impossible with your schedule and surroundings, look for other methods to acquire the same information.  Look into audio recordings that can be played during your daily commute. Even tablet and laptop apps and programs may be available to help you learn your course material.


Know your Limits


Overall, know your limits. While your education is important, so is your family and personal time. If your course is being conducted outside of a classroom, such as home studies, discuss your time frame with the course leaders. See if there are options to extend your course over a couple of years, rather than a single season.

While it can be difficult to study with a baby, it is not impossible.  It is important to remember, however, that no two babies are alike. What may work for one parent may not work for another.  Do not get disheartened if another parent seems to be flawlessly managing their course material while you struggle to get through yours. Every child has their own schedule and needs.  It is just a matter of learning what works best with your baby and working within your own means.

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