Toddler Safety Tips

toddler walking safety tips

May 30, 2016 | Parenting

One of the coolest things in life is watching your little one take his or her first steps. It can also turn your household into a bit of a hectic environment… They suddenly move much faster, not to mention that walking leaves their hands free to get into things that they couldn’t when they were just crawling. Things that used to be safe are suddenly in danger, and potentially dangerous to your child. Here are some ideas to baby-proof your home when your child learns to walk.

Know Where Your Child Can Go

Toddlers, especially very young ones, might seem to move very slowly and awkwardly at first. However, just like when they started crawling, you’ll be astonished at how fast they pick up speed, and how quickly they learn to overcome obstacles keeping them away from things that they find interesting. The first time you look up and realize that your child isn’t where you thought they were is an alarming experience, especially if you find them somewhere you didn’t realize they could go. Make certain that unsafe areas in the house are blocked off by closed doors or baby gates. Drawers and cupboards should be fitted with safety devices unless you’re okay with your child rummaging in them (or climbing into them).

Corners, Sockets and Other Hazards

Babies are born curious, and that curiosity only increases when they gain mobility. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that a baby or toddler won’t grab or try to put in their mouth. They also get distracted easily and tend to walk into things, fall over and bump their heads. Keep your little one’s head safe by covering the corners of tables and shelves with rounded plastic bumpers, which soften the impact. Electric sockets should be plugged by plastic socket guards when not in use. Shelves and other heavy furniture should be secured to the wall to prevent them from falling on a child trying to climb.

Storage Can Be Safer

No matter how hard you try, you’ll find it’s impossible to keep everything out of your child’s reach. If you value an item, especially an item made of glass, it might be best to temporarily place it in storage until your little one is a bit bigger. Electronics might also need to be moved to new homes, if not stored out of sight. Toddlers can not only destroy valuable items, they can be injured by electricity, broken glass and falling objects. Sometimes, out of sight is the best place for your valuables.

Enjoy the Toddler Years

Toddlers can be frustrating and exasperating, but remember that they are learning and progressing at a truly spectacular speed. And let’s face it, even when they’re getting into mischief, they are absolutely adorable. Keep them safe and enjoy watching them grow!

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