5 Simple Gift Ideas for New Moms

June 19, 2018 | Pregnancy

Becoming a new mom is exciting and scary. What she needs most right now is support, a little help, and a little bit of forgiveness for everything that might be getting neglected. If you’re looking to buy a new mom something from a store, here are the top five ideas for things that she will appreciate.

Something Practical

I this is her first baby, she is going to need advice, and even someone to show her how to do things swaddling and breastfeeding. There are plenty of books that are filled with advice, recipes and tips as to how to handle these first few days at home. There are also gift boxes filled full of small items that she doesn’t even know yet will be useful — like cozy socks, lots of small towels and diapers.

Don’t forget about online gift cards. They may not be personal or fun to wrap, but they are certainly practical and they will be appreciated during the sleepless nights when she is up with the baby.

Something Stylish

Diaper bags don’t look like diaper bags anymore. They can be stylish, sophisticated, and large enough to carry everything she needs. They look like a purse and can work as a purse, but still have everything tucked into compartments to keep wet things, like used wipes, away from dry things, like clean diapers.

Something Comfortable

She will want things like cozy socks and slippers for the cold nights and quiet mornings when she and baby are the only ones awake. She will want fuzzy blankets and pillows, stuffed toys, and even breast-feeding pillows to make things a little easier on both of them.

Something to Remember 

Babies change and grow very quickly, with their first year passing quickly. Give her the gift of photography, or a portrait, so that she can look back on these first few days and remember the little things that matter so much right now. Baby books are also a great way for a new mom to remember the blur of baby’s first year.

Something for Her

The new mom is still a person in her own right, and she needs a few gifts to help her remember that she is special and important too. Gifts like body creams, hair care, and a night out will make her feel like herself.

Remember too that the new mom might not be ready to be a new mom. That is why the most important thing she will need is support and understanding. An unplanned pregnancy can be an unexpected shock and she may have some decisions to make. Be supportive. She needs that most of all. For the best advice, the Pregnancy Care Centre is here to help.