Where to Get Free Baby Stuff

May 14, 2018 | Parenting, Tips

Whether this is your first baby, or you are an experienced mom, it is very useful to find a place that will give you free stuff to try. After all, it is an exciting time, and it’s nice to feel that everyone is willing to help! Besides, babies do need a lot of things.

Good news! There is a lot of free stuff available. Companies want to give samples, because they know if the product is good, you will buy more if you like it. Your friends, family, and support group will also be glad to help you with things they don’t use anymore. You will be helping them by using it and keeping those good items out of the landfill.

Churches, community organizations, and schools often have garage sales, or drives in order to raise money and sponsor a parent, or child in need. Check with them to find the best places that will give away things for free. Often garage sales and community sales don’t want to have things left over when the sale is over. They may be glad to help you if you visit at the end of the sale.

But what about new stuff? There is a lot of that too.

Have a Baby Shower

Your friends, co-workers and family will buy you a lot of the big items, like furniture, or bedding. If this is your first baby, your friends who have had babies will be able to provide advice too about the products they found useful.

Edmonton Public Library

The EPL has a Welcome Baby Program and they will give parents of new babies a tote bag, a free book, a music CD and other things to foster a love of reading in your baby. You can also get a free library card for you and for your little one.

Retail Stores 

Most companies will be glad to mail free samples of their products. Phoning their 1-800 number directly and ask to be put on their mailing lists. This is especially useful for things that you will need a lot of, like diapers and baby formula. Newborns need about 10 diapers a day. It’s less after the first month, but not by much.


Be careful when requesting or responding to free stuff offers online. Remember that they require your email address usually, and so they will continue to fill your inbox with junk mail if you don’t create a separate email address or take other measures to ensure that you aren’t parting with too much of your privacy. Also, many “freebies” have subscriptions attached to them and will bill you monthly.

Whether it is things for the baby, or advice that you need, remember that you are not alone. There are people who will be glad to help and companies who will always provide you with samples of the things you need for the baby.

Talk to a counsellor at The Pregnancy Care Centre for further suggestions and for the help and advice you need.