Winter Car Seat Safety Tips

February 22, 2018 | Parenting

Car seats are an absolute necessity for keeping your child safe in a vehicle, but they do have some extra issues in the winter. Kids get cold and car seats themselves are a little different in the colder months, which is why it is important to understand the differences in car seats from season to season. Here are a few tips for making sure your child is safe in their car seat during the colder months.

No Jacket

While getting them in and out of their winter coats can sometimes be a process, it is absolutely vital that you do not strap them into their car seat in a fluffy winter coat. Children’s winter coats tend to be very padded, which means when they are strapped into their car seat, the fluff acts as an added layer between the child and the safety straps. However, all that fluff in the coat flattens in an instant during a collision; your child could actually come out of their seat entirely because they weren’t securely fastened. Opt for a warm sweater and carry the winter jacket to slip onto your child after he or she is out of the car seat.

Never Cover Your Child’s Face

You should always leave your child’s face uncovered to avoid any breathing issues that can happen if they move around too much in the seat. Too-large hats and scarfs can slip, blocking the airways.

Keep the Carrier Indoors

One of the major issues about car seats in the winter is the cold. Kids get cold, especially when they don’t have their jackets on, so doing a few simple things can help keep them warm as the car heats up. One such way is to keep the carrier portion of your car seat inside when not in use. That way, it will be warm when baby goes in, helping them fight the cold a little better.

Bring Blankets

While there should be as little as possible between your child and the car seat’s harnesses, you can keep them warm with a blanket on top. Mitts are also encouraged to keep them safe and warm in the cold.

Dress in Layers

One of the best tips anyone can get for staying warm in the winter is to dress in layers. You can do this with your child in their car seat as well, just with extra caution. Always make sure that you use thin layers to dress them. Thin layers will help you ensure your child is safe and snug in their car seat while helping them stay warmer.

Car seat safety can be a challenge all year round, but there are particular issues that come with the cold. In winter, always ensure that there is as little as possible between baby and their car seat and harness. Keep them warm by adding layers on top of the car seat so that you do not interfere with its safety features. If you have any questions contact Edmonton Car Seats.