Adoption Information Edmonton

What About Adoption?

  1. I want more for my baby than I can give him right now.
  2. I am a good parent but don’t know how I am going to manage.
  3. I would do anything to give my child a good life but I have things to accomplish before I am ready to be a parent.

If any of these statements describe how you are feeling, adoption is a parenting choice to consider. Adoption has changed. You have choices.

We can help you make the adoption plan that’s right for you – contact us for adoption information in Edmonton.

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Is Adoption Right for You? 

Adoption is one choice available to individuals who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. Most women don’t want to consider adoption for a variety of reasons and one of the primary reasons is that they are afraid it will make them feel too sad. You should know that this emotion is normal and understandable. Carrying a baby for nine months involves bonding, so separation is going to be painful.

Post Adoption: Birth Mom’s Support

Adoption is a loving parenting choice. It also involves a grief journey. Have you made that choice? Are you thinking about making that choice? The Pregnancy Care Centre offers on-going support for the birth family; a safe place to process, grieve and be supported.